Health Forward Recognizes Research Belton Foundation/Cass County Oral Health Coalition as First Recipient of Healthy Cass Award

KANSAS CITY, MO – The Health Forward Foundation (Health Forward) is pleased to announce the Research Belton Foundation/Cass County Oral Health Coalition as the first recipient of the Healthy Cass Award.

The Healthy Cass Award is the fourth in a series of awards given to leaders in Allen, Cass, Lafayette counties and the Kansas City metropolitan area. Nominations were submitted online for those individuals and agencies who are working toward eliminating barriers to quality health for the uninsured and underserved in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

A ceremony will be held on Friday, January 21st at 4:00 p.m. at the future location of the Cass County Dental Clinic at 802 E. Walnut Street, Belton, MO for Health Forward to present the Research Belton Foundation with an award and a $5,000 gift.

“The Health Care Foundation recognizes and acknowledges all of those in Cass County who are actively helping the uninsured and underserved lead healthier lives. We received outstanding nominations for the Healthy Cass award and want to express our appreciation to all of those who were nominated,” said Steve Roling, Health Forward President/CEO.

“The Research Belton Foundation helps low income children throughout Cass County with its dental care for children program. Under their leadership and through the work of the Cass County Oral Health Coalition, over 2,000 children will now have access to dental care through a new clinic opening later this year. For this and so many other reasons, we are happy to award them as the first recipient of Health Forward’s Healthy Cass award.”

Each nomination was reviewed by a panel of judges representing the Health Forward Board of Directors, the Health Forward Community Advisory Committee and Health Forward Associates. The judges developed a point system to measure the nominee’s level of involvement in health improvement activities and the impact of the activities. Nominations were judged on whether the nominee helped the uninsured and underserved through an initiative, actively influencing public policies, participating or planning events and working or volunteering to help individuals and families to lead healthier lives.

“This is an exciting time for Research Belton Foundation as we work with the Cass County Oral Health Coalition on the opening of the Cass County Dental Clinic,” said Cynthia A. Randazzo, president, Research Belton Foundation. “We are so pleased to be selected as the recipient of the first Healthy Cass award from the Health Forward Foundation as we work to improve access to oral health for low income children in Cass County,” said Randazzo.

Other nominees included Roseann Knowles, West Central Missouri Community Action Agency; Belton School District; Cass County Coalition for Drug Prevention and Recovery; Aaron Travis, D.O.; Harrisonville Family Medicine; and Damon Travis, D.O.