Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly’s Medicaid expansion plan

Health Forward Foundation commends Governor Kelly on introducing the Cutting Healthcare Costs for all Kansans Act to expand affordable health care this legislative session to 150,000 Kansans at no cost to taxpayers.  

Health care should be affordable and accessible to all. Expanding KanCare will reduce health care costs for everyone, save rural health care, and grow Kansas’ workforce by 23,000 jobs. While the proposed legislation represents a middle of the road approach and continuing stride in the direction of providing coverage to many hardworking Kansans, there are many Kansans that contribute to our economy and our communities that would be excluded from coverage by the work requirements included in the plan. Such requirements create additional administrative challenges and costs to the departments that manage the program and ultimately result in fewer Kansans with coverage.   

Nearly 80 percent of Kansans all around this state support KanCare expansion. We urge you to call your legislator now and tell them you support KanCare expansion for the thousands of residents across Kansas that need health care coverage.