Who we are

At Health Forward, we support and build communities where racial equity and fair access to health are the norm.

Inclusive, powerful, and
healthy communities for all.

Since we began partnering with the community in 2005, we have invested more than $392 million to champion an equitable future that will serve us all. By addressing the most pressing issues that some in our communities face, we’re improving conditions for everyone.

Communities of focus

Our commitment to change prioritizes working to improve the lives of people who experience the greatest injustice in health outcomes, including:

  • People of color whose outcomes are shaped by structural racism and other socioeconomic conditions
  • People in rural areas where systemic barriers hinder optimal health

These communities often overlap with people of varied identities who experience economic insecurity, live in marginalized conditions, and find barriers to accessing high-quality care that is affordable, equitable, and trauma-informed.

Impact that will make a difference

This is the impact we seek.

High-quality, equitable community health ecosystem

Strong community organizations and voices

Equitable and just places that foster health and economic advancement

Leading with our values



We honor and trust the expertise of our community partners and staff to do their best work. We take actions that align with our words by cultivating authentic relationships grounded in honesty, listening, and power sharing.

Equity, inclusion, and antiracism

Equity, inclusion, and antiracism

We seek diverse perspectives and experiences to boldly advance equity and inclusion in our collective work to build antiracist systems and practices. We act with mindfulness, intention, and courage to dismantle the unconscious and automatic ways racism presents itself in philanthropic work.



We’re better together. We join a broad range of partners in supporting and designing creative community solutions.



We grow and evolve every day through curiosity, risk-taking, and innovation. We learn from stakeholders across all sectors, center voices closest to the problems and solutions, seed transformative ideas, and change actions purposefully.



We are transparent, equitable, and responsible in the distribution of resources through diligent, ethical, community-informed investment.

Meet our team

Meet the team that makes our work possible.

Annual report

At Health Forward, we believe in transparency when it comes to our work, our results, and our finances. You’ll find all of it in our most recent annual report.

A strong foundation

Since we began partnering with nonprofit organizations in 2005, Health Forward Foundation has provided leadership, advocacy, and resources to tackle the pressing health issues facing our communities.

In November 2018, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City changed its name to Health Forward Foundation to better reflect our communities’ momentum on the path toward health equity.

Over the course of 2021, Health Forward underwent a purpose alignment process that re-examined our impact on the health of our communities.

In 2022, Health Forward announced a five-year purpose plan that recast our leadership, advocacy, and resources to advance and promote health equity by focusing on racial equity and economic inclusion.