Equity and inclusion metrics

To fulfill our purpose we must change how we work. Our commitment to change focuses on working to improve the lives of people who experience the greatest injustice in health outcomes.

Assessing our progress

To ensure our work is more inclusive, we ask for demographic information from our partners, grantees, consultants, and contractors to provide a deeper sense of how inclusion is happening and where there are opportunities to improve.

Information from our partners provides a snapshot of what inclusion looks like for our communities of focus at all levels, including governance, leadership, and clients. Without comprehensive, accurate, and transparent demographic data, it’s easy to unknowingly perpetuate inequity. Tracking the diverse identities of the people we work with ensures we are living up to our values and advancing racial and economic justice.

This report is a starting place and contains baseline data from 2021.


In the spirit of full transparency, Health Forward also commits to sharing demographic information about our own staff, board, and consultants.  

We know that diversification alone does not mean inclusion, but it an essential step along the path toward achieving equity and inclusion.