Our board. Your community advocates.

Our board of directors is made up of passionate advocates for health equity in our communities. We are indebted to their commitment and knowledge.

Board Approval Process

Our board of directors is selected through a process built around our Community Advisory Council (CAC) who solicit applications, interview, and vet applicants.

They recommend a slate of nominees — at least two for each open position — for approval and then forward to the sitting Health Forward Board of Directors for final selection. The CAC also elevates community input and publishes an annual review of Health Forward’s work.

Irene Caudillo
Nikki Newton
Vice Chair
Geoff Jolley
Kent Hawkins
Stacey Daniels-Young
Timothy Duncan
Ed Ellerbeck
Ned Holland
Naiomi Jamal
Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley
Jim Pryde
Lisse Regehr
Dred Scott
Stephenie Smith, MSW
Awais Sufi
Terry Trafton
Lynette Wheeler
Tonia Wright

Our meeting minutes

Review archival minutes from recent meetings.