New report reveals high economic risk of anti-DEI laws in Kansas and Missouri

Current policies under consideration could cost thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions in tax revenue


Kansas City, MO — A new report from The Perryman Group has revealed the potential economic cost of anti-diversity, equity, and inclusion laws in Kansas and Missouri. The analysis examined current proposed legislation in both states.Cover of a new report from The Perryman Group.

According to their findings, policies perceived to be discriminatory, irrespective of their stated purpose or actual intent, can lead to economic harms.

The Perryman Group estimates that bills and initiatives currently under consideration in Missouri which could be seen as discriminatory put the state at risk of losing nearly $2.6 billion in annual gross product and 23,842 jobs as of 2030.

In Kansas, policies under consideration which could be viewed as discriminatory put the state at risk of losing $898.4 million in annual gross product and 8,462 jobs as of 2030.

“The study shows there are significant unintended consequences when states signal they might not be friendly to diversity and inclusion,” said Eusebio Díaz, Health Forward Vice President of Strategy, Learning, and Communication.

Health Forward Foundation commissioned this study from The Perryman Group, which is headquartered in Waco, Texas, to get an impartial, independent analysis on the economic impact of policies that restrict diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in each of the two states.

“Health Forward is committed to building inclusive, powerful, and healthy communities by focusing on racial equity and economic opportunity. We can’t get there without intentional work focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion,” said McClain Bryant Macklin, Health Forward Vice President of Policy and Impact. “Anti-DEI laws risk negative economic consequences for all who call Kansas or Missouri home.”

“Travel and tourism losses in Missouri and Kansas could total hundreds of millions per year, with an associated loss in revenue to the states and local governments,” said Dr. M. Ray Perryman, founder and CEO of The Perryman Group. “At a time when the US economy is facing major challenges and uncertainty, the competition for quality corporate locations and expansions as well as skilled workers is particularly intense and anti-DEI measures can be particularly damaging to future prosperity.”

–Health Forward Foundation–