Philanthropy. In action.

Our Purpose
Every day we work to support and build inclusive, powerful, and healthy communities characterized by racial equity and economically just systems.
Our Mission
Achieve health equity and secure a fair and just region through leadership, advocacy, and resources.

Purpose areas

A desire for change, for racial and economic equity, and for healthier communities lies at the core of every effort we undertake.


We advocate for the health of people that make communities thrive. Our efforts focus on whole-person care — from physical and behavioral to oral health and social services. And we support innovative ideas that make our health care system more inclusive.


Powerful communities are healthy communities. We work to adjust the balance of power by encouraging community members to participate in democracy, amplifying community movements, and supporting community leaders and advocates.


The places we live impact how healthy we are. Our approach to improving where we live focuses on two influential social factors: housing and digital access.


How healthy we are is strongly influenced by our society’s systems, policies, and stories.

To advance racial equity and economic inclusion, Health Forward is partnering with local governments and funders to center equity and race in all policies, systems, and decisions. We are reshaping the way people understand and talk about racial, economic, and health equity. And we are aligning our invested resources in a way that advances our purpose and has a positive impact on the people and communities we serve.

Stories of change

The stories we elevate are as diverse as the communities we serve. Discover some of the ways the Kansas City region is working toward a future of health equity.

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Right to counsel: Staying housed and healthy

The places we live impact how healthy we are. Here’s the backstory about our partnership with Heartland Center for Jobs and Freedom to help people facing eviction in Kansas City remain housed and healthy.

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Examining our impact with equitable evaluation

How do we know we’re making an impact? Andrés Domínguez and Jane Mosley tackle this frequently asked question as they take a deep dive into learning, research, and equitable evaluation.

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Black philanthropy is about more than money

Shifting the narrative to show how the Black community has defined and shaped the collective progress of the community is why we celebrate Black Philanthropy Month.

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Back-to-school reading recommendations from Health Forward Foundation

We’re excited to share some reading recommendations that will get you in the back-to-school spirit. 

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