Policy and advocacy

Reshaping policies and systems is the best way to achieve health equity and secure a fair and just region. Our policy and advocacy work is designed to amplify the power that exists within our communities of focus.

Political factors influence health

All communities deserve a quality of life determined and driven by the people who live in them. Our advocacy work leads with equal emphasis on data and the stories of people who desire and deserve healthy and long lives.

We envision a fair and just future where...

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Our intended impact

The impact we seek will not happen overnight. We know change is possible if we come together as a community and strategically focus our efforts to move toward systems that benefit all of us.

High-quality, equitable community health ecosystem

Strong community organizations and voices

Equitable and just places that foster health and economic advancement

Partner with us

At Health Forward, we’re one small part of the health equity movement that is gaining traction in the Kansas City area. Sometimes we lead. Sometimes we follow. But we are always listening to, and guided by, our community partners.