Policy and advocacy

Reshaping policies and systems is the best way to achieve health equity and secure a fair and just region. Our policy and advocacy work is designed to amplify the power that exists within our communities of focus.

Political factors influence health

All communities deserve a quality of life determined and driven by the people who live in them. Our advocacy work leads with equal emphasis on data and the stories of people who desire and deserve healthy and long lives.

We envision a fair and just future where...

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That’s why we’re working to influence policies and governmental investments that ensure:

  • Health care is affordable, accessible, and high-quality – ensuring, there is no quality without equity, and no equity without quality
  • Healthy, whole foods are affordable, accessible, and reimbursable by payers for their medicinal qualities
  • Health care, in all its forms, is provided by a culturally responsive, diverse, and antiracist health care workforce
  • Community health worker services are reimbursable by payers and regarded as health care
  • Telehealth services achieve parity in care in Kansas and are continuously reimbursable
    for health care providers in both states
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We’re working to influence policies that ensure:

  • Safe housing and homeownership are available,
    affordable, and attainable
  • Housing policies reduce racial home ownership gaps, create mixed income neighborhoods, and protect against displacement
  • The digital economy, and the tools and training required to use it, is available, affordable, and accessible
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We’re working to influence policies that ensure:

  • All citizens can vote and participate in the democratic process without barriers
  • All citizens are fairly represented in and by our elected bodies
  • Local jurisdictions have reasonable authority to promote and protect public health
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We’re working to influence policies that ensure: 

  • Race, because of racism, no longer influences health outcomes
  • Racial equity is pursued in all policies
  • Disaggregated public health data centers racial and ethnic identities and leads to more equitable resource allocation and the eradication of health injustices

Our intended impact

The impact we seek will not happen overnight. We know change is possible if we come together as a community and strategically focus our efforts to move toward systems that benefit all of us.

High-quality, equitable community health ecosystem

Strong community organizations and voices

Equitable and just places that foster health and economic advancement

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