When we learn, we grow

Our learning approach is to create inclusive, transparent, and compelling documentation about our work and partnership with the communities we serve. It’s about shifting the conversation from evaluating programs to deepening understanding. It's about shifting narratives to those that highlight the success and well-being of rural communities and communities of color. Health Forward is focused on building healthy and inclusive communities, and we believe in learning WITH communities.

Our learning approach has three primary goals:

  1. Inform and improve our work
  2. Assess the impact of our work
  3. Share what we’ve learned with our communities, partners, and other foundations

Informing and improving the work

Our learning informs the strategic approaches we take to realize the goals set forth in our purpose plan. It sheds light on the impact of our investments and guides us on needed shifts to maximize the impact of our investments. We understand that for learning to occur, we must listen, particularly to those in our communities with personal experiences related to the issues we work to address.

Assessing the impact

We aspire to measure and assess the impact of our efforts and to fine-tune the work instead of measuring success or failure. We are mindful to build learning opportunities throughout the spectrum of our work. We are deliberately shifting from program-level evaluation and accountability framing to one where learning is centered at the system and community levels.

Sharing our learning

We see learning as a multilateral pursuit wherein the metrics and indicators for measures of progress are, at times, created with our funded partners. We understand that learning can happen through many forms and mediums. Our emphasis is on centering community voices and the stories of the people most impacted by persistent inequities.

Recent reports

Keep us in the know

If you are one of our funded partners, we ask that you periodically provide timely reports regarding your grant-funded programs’ progress and/or any roadblocks you may have encountered on the road to success.