When we learn, we grow

Our learning is an ever-developing effort to create inclusive, transparent, and compelling documentation about our work with the communities we serve. It’s about shifting the conversation from evaluating programs to deepening understanding. We center people and personal experiences instead of viewing the world through a white-dominant perspective. Because we don't learn about communities. We learn with them.

Our learning approach has three primary goals:

  1. Inform our work
  2. Assess our impact
  3. Share what we’ve learned with our communities, funded partners, and other foundations

Informing our work

Our learning is built on listening. It informs the strategic approaches we take to realize the goals set forth in our purpose plan. It sheds light on the impact of our investments and guides changes to our work. Instead of measuring impact to assess success or failure, we measure impact so we can fine-tune our work hand in hand with our partners.

Our findings

We invite you to review evaluations of work we have supported, along with other reports that inform our learning.

Recent external reports

Keep us in the know

If you are one of our funded partners, we ask that you periodically provide timely reports regarding your grant-funded programs’ progress and/or any roadblocks you may have encountered on the road to success.