New report reveals the economic benefits of immigration in Kansas and Missouri

People who have immigrated to Kansas and Missouri are generating substantial economic benefits for both states’ economies.


Kansas City, MO — A new report from The Perryman Group has revealed the economic boost generated by people who have immigrated to Kansas and Missouri.

According to their findings, economic growth in both states would be significantly constrained without the contributions from these workers.

The Perryman Group estimates that, when multiplier effects are considered, the annual economic impact of people who have immigrated to work in Missouri includes $55.2 billion in annual gross product and 495,200 jobs. In Kansas, the impact includes $46.4 billion in gross product and 419,500 jobs. A significant portion of these benefits occur within rural areas.

“These findings tell a more accurate story about the prosperous future we can build for everyone if we support these workers,” said Eusebio Díaz, Health Forward Vice President of Strategy, Learning, and Communication. “Contrary to persistent narratives, people who have immigrated to our states have a powerful economic impact that should not be ignored.”

Health Forward Foundation commissioned this study from The Perryman Group, which is headquartered in Waco, Texas, to paint an impartial, independent picture of how people who have immigrated to our states are impacting our shared economic reality.

“Health Forward is working with our community partners to build economically just systems where everyone can thrive,” said McClain Bryant Macklin, Health Forward Vice President of Policy and Impact. “The report highlights the impact immigrants have on rural and urban economies and that immigration policies must give careful consideration to the true contribution of new Americans.”

“Our analysis indicates that these workers are responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs and tens of billions of dollars in gross state product in both states,” said Dr. M. Ray Perryman, founder and CEO of The Perryman Group. “Future prosperity and, indeed, sustainability are dependent on policies that support increases in the foreign-born workforce.”

–Health Forward Foundation–