How we fund

At Health Forward, we seek to be transparent while living our core values of trust, partnership, learning, equity, inclusion, antiracism, and stewardship.

Open funding

Throughout the year, we offer open funding opportunities. We set funding criteria, release a call for applications, and organizations can choose to apply. These opportunities are instrumental in achieving specific outcomes within our purpose areas.

Invitation-based funding

Some of our funding opportunities are by invitation. This is a different approach than we took during our first 17 years of grantmaking.

Philanthropy has a poor track record of addressing racial bias, both conscious and unconscious, that has crept into funding processes. And philanthropy has historically made it difficult for some nonprofits serving our communities of focus to access funding. We want to be different.

To ensure our funding is equitable, we invite organizations whose body of work is vital in achieving the intended impact of our purpose plan.

Invitation-based funding opportunities also allow us to streamline our process and reduce application burden.

Responsive funding

Health Forward is always open to learning about community work that aligns with our purpose. Responsive dollars will be available throughout the year to support opportunities that come to us from the community. Potential partners may submit relevant information about their work and need via our website — once our new inquiry form becomes available in spring of 2023.

Health Forward will identify an impact strategist (formerly program officer) to follow up for a discussion.