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Discover some of the ways the Kansas City region is working toward a future of health equity.

01 / 04

No quality without equity, no equity without quality

More than 50 local organizations are following in the footsteps of Kansas City's pioneering Black doctors to fix what never should have been.

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02 / 04

New VP Eusebio Díaz: Purpose plan builds on years of work

We often walk in the paths laid out by others and in doing so, continue to build a path for those who come after us.

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03 / 04

New communications fellow to help transform narratives around health, race

Estuardo Garcia is passionate about connecting people, organizations, and communities through the art of storytelling

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04 / 04

Celebrating 15 years of Andrés Domínguez at Health Forward

During his tenure, Andrés has leveraged his deep knowledge of local history and systems, extensive community connections, and his ever-present curiosity.

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