Health Forward awards $4 million in applicant defined grants

Kansas City, MO — Health Forward Foundation has awarded 98 nonprofit organizations a total of $4 million in applicant defined grants during 2021.

“Health Forward’s applicant defined grants are one way we share power with grassroots organizations,” said Angie Williams, Health Forward Foundation Director of Community Investment and Impact. “When our partners determine their own needs, they can more effectively address the pressing issues facing our communities. That’s why Health Forward continues to explore ways we can share power with people and communities who have experienced the greatest injustice in health outcomes.”

Health Forward reviewed 180 proposals totaling more than $10 million.

Applicant defined grants have been historically reviewed and awarded monthly. Organizations are allowed to apply once per year and are capped at $75,000.

In 2022, Health Forward will adopt a new purpose statement and shift to updated strategies. During this transition, applicant defined grants will not be awarded as often. Here are the deadlines our partners can expect next year. Despite the scheduling change, Health Forward is not reducing the overall dollars available in 2022.