Health Forward awards $4.45 million in Mental Health Grants

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Kansas City, MO — The Health Forward Foundation (Health Forward) is proud to award $4.45 million in grants to 28 nonprofit organizations through our 2018 Mental Health funding.

These programs provide the necessary support to enable those in need to live healthy and resilient lives.

“We are proud to partner with organizations that are improving the availability and quality of mental health services,” said Health Forward President/CEO Bridget McCandless, M.D.

Health Forward received a total of 74 proposals totaling nearly $15 million in requests.

The following grants were awarded during the August board of directors meeting:

Agency Award Program Description
AdHoc Group Against Crime $207,936 To reduce the impact of trauma that people of color experience in economically-distressed neighborhoods by supporting a range of mental health services, including in-home counseling, support groups, cognitive behavior intervention classes, and crisis support.
Amethyst Place $67,000 To provide treatment-based, supportive housing for homeless, low-income women in crisis who have history of chronic substance abuse, and their children.
Belton School District #124 $245,000 To support school-based therapy services within the Belton School District.
Benilde Hall $56,236 To deliver mental health treatment to homeless men with co-occurring disorders so that they may achieve stability and independence.
Child Protection Center $200,000 To address trauma and increase coping strategies and resources for survivors of child abuse and their families by supporting the forensic interview, family advocacy, and mental health programs.
Children’s Mercy Hospital $60,253 To achieve physical and mental well-being for families, caregivers, and children with medical complexity by providing an eight-week, mindfulness-based stress reduction group for parents.
The Children’s Place $351,240 To support clinical staff delivering mental health services to children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and other traumas.
Children’s Rights $125,000 To support advocacy efforts in Missouri that aim to improve practices for prescribing psychotropic medication to children in foster care.
Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas $125,000 To reverse trends in health outcomes by integrating comprehensive, evidence-based behavioral health and addiction treatment in Iola, Kansas.
Compass Health $140,000 To support psychiatric, therapeutic, and nursing services for residents of Cass and Lafayette counties.
Comprehensive Mental Health Services $81,594 To support the addition of a suicide prevention liaison and hospital discharge specialist.
El Centro $108,755 To support the Academy for Children’s early childhood mental health programming.
Genesis School $153,000 To provide therapeutic and support services for school-aged children and their families.
Hope House $150,000 To provide adult domestic violence survivors with case management and individual and group therapy by supporting programming and hiring of additional staff, including an assessment specialist and an outreach children’s therapist.
Jewish Vocational Service $100,000 To provide community education, culturally competent case management, and therapy resources to refugee and immigrant populations.
KC CARE Health Center $250,000 To support behavioral health services, including therapy, case management, behavior intervention, and psychiatry.
Legal Aid of Western Missouri $160,115 To help clients experiencing mental illness secure public benefits by supporting a full-time attorney who provides representation, brief legal advice, and counsel.
Mattie Rhodes Center $480,000 To provide bilingual, trauma-informed mental health services to the low-income, uninsured, Spanish-speaking population of Jackson County, Missouri.
Newhouse $50,000 To support therapeutic services for adult survivors of domestic violence.
Operation Breakthrough $55,000 To support program development and therapeutic services for at-risk, school-aged children.
Reconciliation Services $92,792 To support a trauma and depression therapy program for residents who have experienced intergenerational poverty, violence, and lack of opportunities.
reStart $158,267 To work with community partners to better engage homeless adults and to support staff who provide mental health services and care coordination to homeless persons with mental health needs.
Rose Brooks Center $225,000 To support survivors of domestic violence and their children through innovative, accessible, and trauma-informed mental health services.
SAFEHOME $225,000 To support critical mental health programming for survivors of domestic violence and streamline the clinical intake process by adding a clinical care coordinator.
Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation $231,028 To build the capacity of the Futures program by increasing staffing, expanding service area, and implementing new practice models of service delivery for children and families.
United Inner City Services $90,000 To support implementation of an education and mental health needs dashboard that will increase data-driven decisions. Funds will also support mental health care and intervention for children and families.
Vibrant Health $150,000 To improve access to and quality of culturally-sensitive integrated behavioral health care services, including trauma-informed care for children and adults.
Wyandot Center $111,784 To improve access to mental health services by hiring an intake and triage specialist and an outreach specialist.Welcome to – your online plain text editor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.

The Mental Health Grants are the second round of foundation defined grants awarded by Health Forward in 2018. Safety Net Grants, the third and final round of foundation defined grants, will be announced in December. For more information on applying for Health Forward foundation defined grants, visit

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