What We Fund

We believe change is possible if we come together as a community to focus our efforts and strategically move toward our outcomes. To guide these efforts and to help our partners better understand our priorities, we will focus our work within these purpose areas: people, power, and place.

We will be developing the initiatives within our purpose areas over the course of 2022.


Our approach to fostering healthy people has evolved to integrate whole-person care – mental, physical, oral, and social — across the continuum of care, from prevention to treatment to recovery and advocacy. We will do this by undertaking the following strategies:

  • To strengthen capacity and effectiveness of essential partners to provide whole-person care
  • To advocate for policies that improve health
  • To advance equity-centered innovation and infrastructure across the community health ecosystem
  • To champion an inclusive and culturally responsive health sciences workforce


Community-based and grassroots groups, organizations, and leaders play a vital role in advancing equitable policies, practices, and resources focused on health equity. Too often, however, their access to power is challenged. Moreover, these organizations and leaders face persistent barriers to capital and growth. To eliminate these barriers and amplify community voices, Health Forward will strengthen organizational capacity, leadership, and civic engagement with the following strategies:

  • To advance capacity building, leadership development, and connectedness
  • To advance participation in democracy
  • Support community-driven efforts to redistribute and share power


Health Forward will focus on building two essential community assets that contribute to creating healthy places: safe and affordable housing and digital access

Housing and digital access have an outsized effect on health equity, racial equity, and economic inclusion. Housing has a direct impact on childhood development, education, health, and wealth creation. Digital access opens doors to telehealth and job opportunities. As part of this plan, Health Forward will address these two major social influencers with the following strategies:

  • To advance safe, healthy, and affordable homeownership
  • To advance digital access, literacy, and equity


To achieve communities characterized by racial equity and economically just systems, we must change the systems, policies, and stories that make up our society. Health Forward will approach this work through the following strategies:

  • Support cross-sector efforts to advance racial equity and economic justice throughout the public, nonprofit, philanthropic, and private sectors
  • Shape community understanding around racial equity and economic inclusion as a pathway to health equity
  • Leverage Health Forward’s capital resources to further advance racial equity and economically just systems

Special Initiatives
This section will give you an overview of our processes and funding priorities for special initiatives.

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