Power Purpose Area

Powerful communities are healthy communities.

Our approach to redistributing and sharing power with the people we serve is through advancing participation in democracy, amplifying community-driven movements, and strengthening small, community-based organizations and leaders.

Explore the Power purpose area:

Strategies and initiatives

Advance capacity building, leadership development, and connectedness

  • Partner in capacity building and leadership development for small and grassroots organizations
  • Strengthen networks and partnerships among small and grassroots organizations

Advance participation in democracy

  • Support and connect organizations working on civic engagement and community organizing

Support community-driven efforts to redistribute and share power

  • Empower community leaders and organizations to inform Health Forward’s leadership, advocacy, and resources

Stronger, more effective community-based organizations and leaders

  • Increased organizational strength, fiscal capacity, and effectiveness of essential small and grassroots organizations
  • Stronger networks and greater connectedness among community leaders

Increased effectiveness of community organizing and civic participation

  • Increased scale of community organizing and civic participation
  • Increased voter registration and turnout in targeted districts
  • Adoption of policies that promote civic participation

Increased community voice and shared power in philanthropy decisions

  • Increased number of board and CAC members are representative of Health Forward’s communities of focus
  • Community members co-design and co-implement projects
Intended Impact
  • High-quality, equitable community health ecosystem
  • Strong community organizations and voices
  • Equitable and just places that foster health and economic advancement

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