Platform Purpose Area

How healthy we are is strongly influenced by our society’s systems, policies, and stories.

To advance racial equity and economic inclusion, Health Forward is partnering with local governments and funders to center equity and race in all policies, systems, and decisions. We are reshaping the way people understand and talk about racial, economic, and health equity. And we are aligning our invested resources in a way that advances our purpose and has a positive impact on the people and communities we serve.

Explore the Platform purpose area:

Strategies and initiatives

Support cross-sector efforts to advance racial equity and economic justice throughout the public, nonprofit, philanthropic, and private sectors

  • Partner with local and state governments to advance racial equity in all policies
  • Inform and engage with the emerging efforts of strategy-aligned local funders

Shape community understanding around racial equity and economic inclusion as a pathway to health equity

  • Fund implementation of racial equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging strategies and trainings
  • Build external capacity around narrative change
  • Engage stakeholders in behaviors that counter unfavorable narratives

Leverage Health Forward’s capital resources to further advance racial equity and economically just systems

  • Proactively deploy investment capital into strategies that advance investment managers and platforms that actively advance diversity, equity, and inclusion criteria
  • Deploy capital in a way that enhances our grant and policy investments by responding to our partners’ comprehensive needs and leveraging the unique attributes of financial capital

Increased action on issues of racial equity and economic justice across key sectors in our community

  • Changed systems, policies, and structures in local and state government that advance racial equity to improve health
  • Increased advocacy in resources by regional funders in areas promoting racial equity and economic justice

Increased community knowledge of the connection between race equity, economic inclusion, and health equity

  • Increased narrative change skills and knowledge to advance our purpose strategies with community partners
  • Increased visibility of narrative frames around racial equity and economic justice across different forms of media
  • Increased recognition of racial equity and economic justice among stakeholders

Increased financial and social capital targeted at racial equity and economic advancement

  • Increased representation within Health Forward’s portfolio of investment firms and strategies that advance diversity, racial equity, inclusion, and economically just systems
  • Integrated use of Health Forward’s grants, policy, and financial resources to enhance and create new opportunities to advance our purpose strategies
Intended Impact
  • High-quality, equitable community health ecosystem
  • Strong community organizations and voices
  • Equitable and just places that foster health and economic advancement

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