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At Health Forward Foundation, we know you can’t always measure success person by person – instead, you have to solve a bigger equation. An equation that includes social, political, cultural, and economic systems that can be resistant to change.

We know that communities also need governmental policies that catalyze, sustain, and level the playing field for individual, family, and community access to power, money, and other resources – the critical elements for all people to have a fair and just opportunity for health. Our advocacy work aims to influence thoughtful and equitable government policies on the local, state, and federal levels.

To this end, we partner with organizations in rural and urban communities in Kansas and Missouri that disproportionately face numerous systemic barriers to quality health care access and positive health outcomes.

These communities in Kansas and Missouri are creating effective solutions that support residents to thrive and live full, healthy lives.

View our 2021 | 2022 policy agendas for Kansas and Missouri
Kansas Policy Agenda
Missouri Policy Agenda

Policy Agenda

The Health Forward Board of Directors
has adopted the following key policy goals:

  • Equitable access to high-quality health care
  • Increase funding for, and improve administration of, public health infrastructure and resources
  • Address the social and political influencers of health that contribute to health injustices

These goals provide a broad vision of the policies that fit with Health Forward’s mission. Health Forward has developed one policy agenda for Kansas and one for Missouri. Within each of these agendas, we established policy priorities to help frame and address issues in each state.

These agendas will guide the dedication of Health Forward’s internal resources, including staff time, funding, and political capital. We will continue to consider supporting programs and advocacy that is aligned with the policy priorities within each policy goal, listed above.

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