Thanks to Those Working Toward Reform – Health Forward Foundation


During the Thanksgiving season one year ago I wrote a blog about my Mom celebrating her 90th birthday. Today I am happy to report that my Mom will be celebrating her 91st birthday this week. She is a vibrant person who reads constantly and knows more about national and local news than most people. She is an inspiration to me and my family in that she always has a positive attitude. I am so fortunate to have such a loving and compassionate mom.

During this time of year, we must take time to remember all the things we have to be thankful for. As a nation we are getting closer to national health reform –even though we are not sure what exact provisions will actually be included. The current health system works for some, but for most of the folks this foundation represents, the current health system is not providing adequate access to health, mental health, dental and preventive care to those in need. National health reform gives us an opportunity to improve our current system.

I am thankful for the elected officials who are willing to discuss ways to improve our current system, and not bury their heads in the sand and say everything is OK. Now is the time for people of good will who are looking for positive solutions to improve our health care delivery system to step forward. We are living is historic times and I hope we have elected officials who are willing and able to be historic leaders.

Happy Thanksgiving!