Where Are They Now: Brenda Pelofsky


Where Are They Now is a new series that brings updates of former Health Forward Board and Community Action Committee (CAC) members.

Brenda Pelofsky was a founding board member and served as the chair of the Administration and Logistics committee. She was inaugurated in September 2003 and resigned in July 2005.

In the blog post below, Brenda kindly shared her thoughts on her service as a board member, and what she has been doing since she resigned.

I enjoyed serving on the board. The diversity and talent of the board members was very impressive, along with their willingness to work as a team.

At the same time, I have been very impressed with the quality and capability of the staff, and most importantly, their willingness to help nonprofits prepare grants that fit Foundation priorities. The Health Forward board is a valuable asset to the community; ensuring that the health and behavioral needs of the most at-risk population are addressed.

I was in the fundraising business while on the board and am still helping nonprofits raise money to maintain and expand their missions. I work as a fundraising coach with executive directors and development directors.

The majority of my clients are seeking Health Forward funds so I follow Health Forward. I also review emails sent to me by Health Forward staff and work with Health Forward’s website.

I am very impressed with Health Forward’s growth and what is the most impressive to me is the willingness of staff to be of assistance before and after grant submission. It is obvious that staff want to help nonprofits.