Place Funding Summer 2023 Digital Equity Grants

Health Forward awards $150,300 to improve digital access

Kansas City, MO — Health Forward Foundation has awarded nine nonprofit organizations a total of $150,300 in support of their work to advance digital inclusion.

“Access to our economy and to health now requires access to affordable digital tools and the skills to maximize them. In many ZIP codes, including our rural and urban areas, this access is limited by income and infrastructure,” said McClain Bryant Macklin, Health Forward Vice President of Policy and Impact. “These organizations are working to ensure everyone has the access and knowledge required to thrive in an increasingly digital world.”

We are proud to support the following:


Funding impact
aSTEAM Village $15,000

To expand who gets to gainfully participate in the local, state, and global digital economy by providing broadband internet access and approved devices.

Front Porch Alliance $5,000

To assist 81 families in securing digital devices for their households.

Groundwork Northeast Revitalization Group $30,000

To reach every household in northeast Kansas City, Kansas, about opportunities to receive affordable digital devices.

Guadalupe Centers $15,000

To foster a more open, inclusive, and secure society by helping people and students build their digital skills and workforce readiness.

Jewish Vocational Service $15,000

To ensure newly arriving refugee families have digital access to core services such as employment, public benefits, and health care.

Johnson County Community College $15,000

To purchase and configure approximately 66 digital devices for Johnson County Adult Education students.

Latinx Education Collaborative $20,000

To increase the understanding and use of apps and programs that facilitate communication and access between families, schools, doctors, and the workplace.

Metro Lutheran Ministry $30,000

To connect more people to food, housing, health care, education, employment services, and other resources in order to nurture greater hope, health, opportunity, and peace.

The Toolbox $5,300

To provide digital training to Spanish-speaking people.