Missouri State Capitol Building Dome

Health Forward’s statement on Missouri Senate hearing on House Joint Resolution 117


House Joint Resolution 117, now before the Missouri Senate, is an attempt to overturn the voice of the people. If passed, the resolution would cut existing jobs, prevent the creation of many new quality jobs across our state, and stifle economic growth in rural areas. 

The resolution’s work requirements would put Missourians who are paid low wages at risk of losing coverage — a bureaucratic way of denying a constitutional right to coverage similar to current delays in approving Medicaid applications.

It could even embolden some legislators to put us on a path toward no longer funding our Medicaid program as a whole.

The truth is this resolution has grown out of false narratives intended to divide us. We — and the other 37 states that have expanded Medicaid — see and experience it differently. Medicaid expansion has the proven ability to cultivate healthier Missouri communities and improve conditions for everyone.

Medicaid expansion was approved by voters and upheld by the Missouri Supreme Court. This affront to Missouri’s democracy is a misuse of time and state resources. We urge the Senate to oppose HJR 117 and focus on strengthening the future of our state for all Missourians.

Our commitment to our communities remains steadfast. We are resolute in our support for Medicaid expansion implementation and enrollment efforts in our service area.