Health Forward’s grantmaking response to COVID-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis continues to unfold, we remain committed to supporting our grantees and partners to protect those most in need and prepare for the unanticipated effects of this pandemic.

In this time of concern and uncertainty, we acknowledge that our partners’ focus must be on their organizations, staff, and people they serve. We are adjusting our grantmaking process and support to be intentionally responsive to the critical needs that result from COVID-19. 

In response to this crisis, Health Forward is taking the following actions, which will remain in place until further notice:

  • Advanced payment. Last week, all grantees with scheduled payments through the end of May received their payments in advance.
  • Grant flexibility. To ensure our grantees are equipped to meet the rapidly changing needs of the community, we are converting all active grants to general operating support. 
  • Relaxed reporting. To support our grantees in handling more urgent priorities, we are eliminating all interim reporting for active grants and extending final report deadlines by 30 days. 
  • No-cost extensions. To address projected delays, all active grants will receive a pre-approved six-month grant extension.
  • Re-evaluating mental health applications. The March 25 letter of intent deadline remains. However, we are evaluating changes to this full application process and requirements and will share additional changes later this week. 

We’re living through an unprecedented time and there will be more questions than answers in the weeks and months ahead. Please know, while our response to this crisis is still taking shape we are engaged in multiple plans to support the resiliency of our community, grantees, and partners. We look forward to sharing these plans with you soon.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to share the impact the pandemic has had on the needs of your organizations and the individuals and families you serve. Like many of you, Health Forward staff is working remotely. We encourage you to reach out by email or phone and let us know how you are doing. We are inspired by the many ways our community is coming together to help one another and we’re more committed than ever to do our part.