Health Forward Foundation announces COVID-19 Community Resiliency Plan

Kansas City, MO — In response to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and the unanticipated impact of the pandemic, Health Forward Foundation is reserving up to $3.7 million of its 2020 grantmaking budget to support the resiliency of its community, grantees, and partners.

Health Forward is strategically engaging with organizations in the community and is focusing its emergency assistance in the following areas:

  • Support stabilization of safety net health care. Health Forward is partnering with Federally Qualified Health Centers and Community Behavioral Health Centers to ensure access to health and behavioral health services is maintained during this time of great need.
  • Support essential services for vulnerable populations. Health Forward will support the YMCA of Greater Kansas City’s efforts to provide child care services for essential workers. Health Forward’s contribution will specifically support the child care costs of safety net health care and behavioral health workers. Additionally, we are exploring efforts to fund other essential child care, food, and prescription assistance programs for those most in need.
  • Support the Kansas City Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund. Health Forward is contributing to the response and recovery fund housed at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. The fund was established with a goal of raising $10 million to meet immediate and long-term health and household assistance needs.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has destabilized Health Forward grantees, partners, and the overall nonprofit sector,” said Qiana Thomason, Health Forward Foundation President/CEO. “Great challenges often present great opportunities. Health Forward is responding to the crisis by working with our partners on efforts that support the stabilization, recovery, and resiliency of our service area.”