Health Forward awards $363,000 in applicant defined grants

Kansas City, MO — The Health Forward Foundation (Health Forward) has awarded six nonprofit organizations a total of $363,000 in applicant defined grants during the month of September.

Health Forward reviewed 14 proposals totaling $883,677 for this funding round.

The following grants were awarded in September 2018:

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[efsth_column]Program Description[/efsth_column]
[efsrow_column]Family Conservancy[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support outpatient mental health services for adults and children in Wyandotte County, Kansas.
[efsrow_column]Lafayette County Health Department[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support two oral health preventive service programs that provide in-school screenings, oral health education, fluoride varnish applications, and dental sealant placement for children in Lafayette County, Missouri.
[efsrow_column]To improve organizational sustainability, develop a strategic plan, and replicate best practices at other agencies through a senior director position.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Planned Parenthood Great Plains[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To expand access to comprehensive, sex-positive, and medically accurate sexual and reproductive health education in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Funds will also support free, community-based HIV screening.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Synergy Services[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To provide outreach services to runaway, homeless, at-risk youth.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Unified School District 258-Humboldt[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support a full-time nurse who will work to improve the overall health of young people and families in Allen County, Kansas, by providing access to health screenings, lifestyle counseling, early intervention, chronic condition support, referral to medical homes, and health education.[/efsrow_column]

Applicant defined grants are reviewed and awarded monthly. These grants allow organizations to define their own grant needs in relation to the Health Forward mission, target population, and service area. Organizations are allowed to apply once per year and are capped at $75,000.

In 2018, Health Forward will award approximately $4 million in applicant defined grants. Our remaining application deadline is Nov. 7. After that point, we will begin migrating to an improved grants management system. The next opportunity to apply for an applicant defined grant will be March 2019 (tentative).

“We are proud to partner with these organizations to eliminate health disparities in our communities that are most in need,” said Bridget McCandless, M.D., Health Forward President/CEO

Learn more about Health Forward’s applicant defined grants.