Health Forward awards $297,112 in applicant defined grants

Kansas City, MO — The Health Forward Foundation (Health Forward) has awarded seven nonprofit organizations a total of $297,112 in applicant defined grants (ADG) during the month of September.

Health Forward reviewed 16 proposals totaling $902,153 for this funding round.

The following grants were awarded in September 2017:

[efstable width =”100%”]
[efsrow_column]To support the delivery of essential services with technology improvements.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Cristo Rey Kansas City[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support the school-based health positions of a registered nurse and mental health counselor.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Health Partnership of Johnson County[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To provide core support and capacity building for a pediatric clinic and to improve health literacy and outcomes for children and families in Johnson County, KS.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Lafayette County Health Department[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support Saving Smiles, an oral health preventive services program. The program provides essential oral health services to children in a school-based setting.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support key staff members operating the Lethality Assessment Program, which aims to reduce domestic homicides in Johnson County.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Shepherd’s Center of Kansas City Central[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To help secure Medicare benefits for low-income, underserved seniors and disabled individuals.[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Unified School District 258-Humboldt[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]To support the position of a registered nurse serving the schools in District 258.[/efsrow_column]

Health Forward applicant defined grants are awarded outside of the Foundation’s annual Requests for Proposals. ADGs are reviewed and awarded monthly and allow organizations to define their own immediate grant needs in relation to the Health Forward mission. Organizations are allowed to apply for an ADG once per year and are capped at $75,000. In 2017, Health Forward will award approximately $4.085 million in ADGs.

“We are proud to partner with these organizations to remove barriers to health for those most in need in our communities,” said Bridget McCandless, M.D., Health Forward President/CEO.

Learn more about Health Forward’s applicant defined grants.