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Kansas Public Health Educational Series

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Health Forward Foundation invites members of the Legislature and Gov. Kelly’s administration to attend two, virtual panels as part of our first Kansas Public Health Educational Series.

Both morning and afternoon panels will include national, regional, and state experts offering their perspectives on opportunities for public policy to improve access to care and the care experience for Kansas residents. Continue reading to learn more about each session and the panelists.

Join us for one or both of the panels. This education series is free, but registration is required to receive the Zoom meeting link.

Rep. John Eplee, Vice Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, will provide introductory remarks.

Morning panel: The utility of community health workers in the provision of public health

10 – 11:30 a.m.

Nov. 10, 2021

Community health workers serve an important role in health care delivery by directly interacting with patients to ensure the care they receive is more accessible and sensitive to their particular needs and circumstances.

Because community health workers often live in the same neighborhoods and share similar life experiences as the patient, they are able to establish trust and bridge the gap between patient health care and social services, so that patients receive the help they need along the continuum of care.

During this panel discussion, our national, regional, and local panelists will cover how community heath workers in Kansas and around the nation improve health care. They will also discuss policies that could expand and improve the community health worker role in Kansas.

Treva Smith
Community Health Worker
KC CARE Health Center
Kathy Burgoyne
Senior Consultant
KEB Consulting LLC
Graciela Couchonnal, PhD
Vice President of Strategy
Health Forward Foundation
Carl H, Rush, MRP
Senior Technical Advisor
National Association of Community Health Workers
Erika Saleski
Managing Member
ES Advisors LLC

Afternoon panel session: Greater access to public health care through telehealth and digital equity

1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Nov. 10, 2021

As facilities cut hours and in-person visits during the early months of the pandemic, telehealth was a crucial tool for providers to continue care for their patients. It remains ever-popular because it removes the burden on patients to travel to a provider facility. However, the disparities in access to devices like smartphones and laptops and high-speed broadband remain.

Telehealth works best across high-speed connectivity, which facilitates conversations without lag or disruption. Recent data shows 165,000 Kansans lack wired, high-speed internet service available at their home, while 300,000 Kansans were plagued by slow internet speeds as of 2020.

This digital divide in health care remains a challenge, creating a growing a division between communities who have access to digital health technologies and efficient broadband resources versus those who experience limited access due to socioeconomic, geographic, and financial barriers.

Our national, regional, and local panelists will provide their expertise on the relation between telehealth and broadband access, while also discussing solutions to ensure all Kansans benefit from the conveniences that responsible telehealth policy can provide.

Rachel Russell
Director of Community Engagement
Cross-Lines Community Outreach
Luis Belen
Co-Founder, Telehealth Equity Coalition
CEO, National Healthcare IT Collaborative
McClain Bryant Macklin, JD, MBA
Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives
Health Forward Foundation
Angela Siefer
Executive Director
National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Dr. Denton Shanks, DO, MPH
Family Physician, Digital Health Medical Director, Assistant Professor
The University of Kansas Health System
University of Kansas Medical Center

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