Wishing you a day of peace and thanksgiving


I write to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This has been a time of immeasurable gratitude at the foundation. We are so appreciative of the support that has poured forth for our friend and colleague Adriana Pecina and her family. It reminds all of us of what we treasure. We have been holding our families and our friends especially close to our hearts.

I remain grateful that I get to work every day with colleagues who are the brightest, most thoughtful, community-minded people I know. In addition, I have a job where our grantee partners don’t just talk about problems but instead are exploring the most creative approaches to solving those problems and are making progress toward a healthier community. There is much to celebrate in the heartland.

The last few weeks have also made me reflect on what America means to me. I live in an America where people care for each other especially those who are vulnerable, isolated, at risk, or afraid. We must continue to carry that responsibility both individually and as a society.

In his 1948 Thanksgiving Day proclamation, Harry Truman intended this day to be one of renewing our devotion to the cause of goodwill among men.

Wishing you days of peace and communion with others.

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