Who Cares About the Super Bowl?

Sunday was an exciting day for football fans. But it was hard to get too interested in hype that surrounds the Super Bowl this year because of all the heartache that is going on in our community and nation.

I compare the great game played between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals to a cruise I took a few years ago to the Bahamas. I can remember all the planning and anticipation for the cruise, but once we set sail, I became uncomfortable enjoying the beautiful sites of the island because I could also see the unbelievable poverty that is not talked about in the cruise brochures.

As we celebrated the end of the NFL season, Governors in Missouri and Kansas are recommending significant cuts in state budgets to a whole host of programs. City government officials, local business and nonprofit leaders are making significant program and personnel reductions. The number of unemployed is at its highest in many years. Most families I know have been directly affected by this historic downturn in the economy.

I do not know what to think about the financial stimulus package being debated in Washington, DC. I am worried that the greedy and unscrupulous folks who caused this financial crisis will be the same folks who will benefit most from the stimulus package – that’s not fair and I hope our new President and Congress will not allow this to happen.

So I wonder – who cares about the Super Bowl? Let’s focus on getting the millions of unemployed people back to work.


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