Where Are They Now: Q&A with Bishop Steve Jones

Where Are They Now is a new series that brings updates of former Health Forward Board and Community Action Committee (CAC) members.

Bishop Steve Jones was an inaugural board member appointed in September 2003 and served through 2010. He was incredibly involved during his tenure, serving on the Administration & Logistics Committee, the Executive Committee and Nominating Committee. He served as the chair of the Finance & Investment Committee, and as board officers, secretary and treasurer.

What are your memories of serving on the Health Forward board?
I have two memories that I will always remember. First is that we were blessed to have one of the finest staff to work with. They were very diverse in their makeup and very professional and competent in their support of us.

The second thing I remember is almost the same: the quality and diversity and competency of the board that I worked with. Those were both prevalent in both the staff and the board that I worked with for that seven years.

In your opinion, what is the importance of Health Forward board?
Well the importance of the board is to set the vision for the mission of that organization, and I think that was the critical strategic work that we did in those first years that then laid the Foundation for the success of the organization in the last several years.

We are the advocates for those who are in need of health care services throughout the service area. The board that I served on had the unique role of setting the vision so that the mission could be carried out in a strategic way for success because we were the initiating board

What have you been doing since you left?
I serve as the presiding bishop at the Community of Christ denomination. I continue to serve on the board and the incoming chair of Kansas City Hospice, among other activities.

Do you still follow Health Forward?
I keep up by reading all the notices and newsletters and agendas, but because I travel extensively both domestically and internationally, I don’t have time to come to meetings or interact with current or former board members.

What has impressed you most about Health Forward?
I think its unwavering role in carrying out its original mission in the most ethical way possible. That is the hallmark of a good organization: Are they able to stay the course and do that at a high level year after year? And I think they have.

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