What Is Socialized Medicine?

Socialized medicine is where the government collects taxes from everyone, then gives out some sort of health care benefit.

Socialized medicine is where the government owns & operates the payer system that pays the bills.

Socialized medicine is where the government owns & operates the hospitals.

Socialized medicine is where the Doctors, nurses, orderlies and other health workers are all government employees.

Socialized medicine is a system that offers few if any choices if you want to use it. Little to no choice of doctor, hospital, etc.

The Veterans Administration health system is socialized medicine defacto because every American pays taxes to the federal government; because the government owns & controls the payment system; because the government builds & owns the V.A. hospitals; because the Doctors, nurse and other staff are government employees.
The V.A. provides the lowest cost per capita health care in the United States. Administrative costs are extremely low. The V.A. negotiates discounts from pharmaceutical and has the lowest cost prescriptions in the U.S. Marketing costs are non existent and the V.A. does not have lobbyists making campaign contributions to politicians.

Other “socialized systems” in the U.S.A. where we all pay taxes, then share a common benefit: the interstate highway system; air traffic control; food inspection; the national electric grid; U.S. Post Office; U.S. Customs; the U.S. military

Senator Chris Steineger represents the 6th district of Kansas, which includes portions of Kansas City and Edwardsville. Currently in his fourth term, Senator Steineger is the ranking member of the Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee and also sits on: the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and Regulations; the Committee on Assessment and Taxation; the Committee on Education; the Joint Committee on Information Technology; and the Joint Committee on Legislative Post Audit.

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