Urban Grown Tour Celebrates 10 Years

Ten years ago, Kansas City was not talking about urban agriculture. Sure, a handful of farmers grew food in the city, a couple farmers markets popped up every Saturday morning, and a few community gardens filled vacant lots. In 2005, Cultivate Kansas City (then the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture) hosted the first Urban Grown Tour with just six farms and 200 visitors.

Things have changed in 10 years.

Today Kansas City has one of the most vibrant urban agriculture communities in the country. As the tour celebrates 10 years of growth, more than 2,000 participants are expected to visit 30 farms and gardens June 27-28.

This change is driven by Kansas Citians who believe in this city and its potential.

In February, the farmers and gardeners from this year’s Urban Grown Tour sites gathered to kick off their participation in this event. Two themes emerged among the group as each grower introduced themselves – passion and community.

These folks have passion for good food. Passion for sharing their knowledge about growing and eating good food. Passion for helping people reconnect with their food. Passion for growing community alongside the crops.

Urban Grown Event Overview

  • June 24 | Urban Grown Kick Off | Kansas City Public Library
  • June 25 | Eat Out Local | Participating Restaurants
  • June 27-28 | Urban Grown Tour | 30 Farms and Gardens around Kansas City
  • June 27 | Urban Grown Birthday Bash | Westport Middle School

Visit the website for event details and tickets.

Come enjoy this passion that drives Kansas City’s urban growers during the Urban Grown Tour June 27-28 and become part of the community working to build a sustainable, healthy, local food system.

This self-guided tour of farms and gardens is your chance to visit folks who are feeding Kansas City. Glean ideas for your home garden, learn about keeping chickens in your backyard, understand what it takes to run a farm business in the city, and get inspired by neighbors working together to feed each other.

The Urban Grown Tour is a family-friendly event offering adults and youth alike an opportunity to see how food is grown and reconnect with the people who are growing it. We’re rekindling a connection that has been lost over the last century as people migrated from the country to cities where food was no longer an integral part of the landscape.

Over the last decade, Cultivate Kansas City has been part of reintroducing food to the urban landscape, with an emphasis on supporting entrepreneurial farm businesses. This tour celebrates 10 years of tremendous growth, while looking forward to the next decade. We hope you will join us in this community-wide celebration of urban farms and gardens!

One thought on “Urban Grown Tour Celebrates 10 Years

    I appreciate the work that Health Forward does for our community. It is definitely one of the shinning stars of Kansas City. Thanks to the help from the organization Kansas City is a better place to live.

    I especially give thanks for the support, beginning years ago, given to community gardens and other efforts to eradicate food desserts. I think that work has shown great success. I believe due to this initiative on the part of the organization several of our community participants have been able to thrive.

    I also applaud the new direction. You can only get better by keeping your eyes open and moving in the most needed direction not necessarily doing what has always been done. Innovation is a good thing.

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