The Influence of Sports on Our Community

It is amazing to me the influence sports teams have on the energy and mind set of a community.

A former KU Chancellor told me that it was much easier being Chancellor during the KU basketball season than during the football season…alumni are much more forgiving and more appreciative during a typical winning basketball season.

Even though the Royals had another losing season, we have hope that the rookies brought up at the end of the season to the majors will give us the talent we need to be a contender next year. This hope made it possible for the Royals to draw over 20,000 fans to each of their last few home games this year even though they finished 20 games out of first place in their division.

After only four games, many Chiefs fans have given up hope and are rooting for the Chiefs to lose the rest of their games so they can get a high draft choice.
The entire Kansas City region was uplifted when the Sporting KC opened their new Livestrong Sporting Park earlier this year. Even if you know nothing about soccer, this new park has captured the attention of our community in a favorable way.

The Kansas State Wildcats 4-0 start to the football season has captured the attention of all K-Staters but even more importantly the national media is now giving some publicity to this school that in recent years has been somewhat ignored by the media.

This last weekend, I was with several folks from St. Louis and they could talk about nothing other than the Cardinals being in the playoffs. The Cardinals games last week were in the highest rated TV sports programming in St. Louis history. If Albert Pujols leaves St. Louis after the season ends, St. Louis may become a depressed community unlike any other in the nation.

These few examples show us the influence sports have on our community. I don’t know if this kind of affection for various sports teams is a good thing or not, but it is a reality. Sports should be an entertainment release from our daily lives, but on Monday’s we should all turn our attention back on the real issues that face our families and communities.

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