Synergy Services strengthens community through comprehensive care

This child advocate is one part of Synergy Services' efforts to treat the whole person.

Synergy Services offers comprehensive care.

This comprehensive care model is complex, but the mission is not. Synergy Services, a local nonprofit, opened its Homeless Youth Campus including its Youth Resiliency Center in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2010 with the goal of providing a lifeline to families and individuals in crisis.

Synergy envisions a world without family violence, abuse and neglect. Their mission is to strengthen the individual, their family, and community, through crisis intervention, shelter, counseling, advocacy, and education.

Synergy provides comprehensive physical and mental health services to trauma survivors. Once basic needs are met, they focus on developing the skills and resilience needed to move beyond trauma to create a future free from violence. The key to Synergy’s success is their ongoing commitment to help families have a better quality of life.

The Youth Campus emergency shelter and Youth Resiliency Center serves homeless, runaway and abused clients age 12-21 years old. The organization provides individuals and their families with crisis intervention, shelter, counseling, advocacy and education. When victims of violence flee their homes and have nowhere else to go, that’s when Synergy Services and their partners step in. Together they provide wrap around services ranging from long-term housing and comprehensive physical and mental health services.

Unique and integrated services for the whole person: The centerpiece of the Youth Resiliency Center is the onsite dental, medical, and mental health clinic. The clinic currently serves children/youth ages 5-21. In 2019 the clinic will be equipped to serve infants and toddlers ages 0-5 years old.

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