Sweet 16: Health Madness Results

While round two featured some close games and buzzer-beating votes, the Sweet 16 featured matchups that were decided by five votes or more.

The darling of the tournament has been Smoke-Free Bars and Restaurants, but surprisingly, the prevention strategy that had the largest margin of victory this round was Essential Oral Health Benefits, with a 21-point victory.

And so the Elite Eight begins. Four games, four divisional champs, and once again, you decide it all!

Voting for the Elite Eight is open until 1 p.m., Wednesday, April 3.

Highlights by division
Healthy Eating, Active Living
Voters gave a node to active living policies over healthy eating with both Complete Streets and Physical Activity in schools advancing onto the Elite Eight.

Physical/Oral health
Preventive Screenings and Essential Oral Health Benefits easily advanced. Voters clearly feel that everyone should have access to physical and oral health preventive screenings.

Mental Health
Mental health proved to have some of the closest matches of Health Madness. The Sweet 16 was no different, but with some last second magic, Essential Mental Health Benefits and Integrating Health/Mental Health advance to face each other for a spot in the Final Four. Regardless of outcome, improving access to mental health services is essential in preventing mental illness.

Tobacco Use
While Penalizing Underage Sales put up a good fight, smoke-free bars and restaurants remains the Health Madness favorite entering Elite Eight action. Voters also strongly supported increasing tobacco taxes.

Voting for the Elite Eight is open until 1 p.m., Wednesday, April 3. You can also view the updated bracket there.

Health Madness Round 1 Winners
Healty Eating, Active Living Division  Mental Health Division
  • Complete streets
  • Physical activity
  • Essential mental health benefits
  • Integrate health/mental health

Physical and Oral Health Division Tobacco Use Division

  • Preventive screenings
  • Essential oral health benefits

  • Increase tobacco taxes
  • Smoke-free bars and restaurants

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