Survey: finding Health Forward’s permanent location

Two Pershing Square on Main Street is the current location of the Health Care Foundation.

It has been some months now that we have relocated to our office space at 2300 Main Street. We have been so appreciative that this office was able to accommodate our urgent need for interim office space.

If you get a chance to drive by our old home at 18th and Prospect, you will see that the KIPP:Endeavor Academy is making great progress in our old office space to accommodate the additional students for the new school year.

Now that we’ve settled into our interim residence we are taking time to consider a permanent location. Finding the future home of the Foundation is no small task. A dedicated group of Health Forward staff and board members are meeting monthly with our real estate partner, VanTrust Real Estate, to analyze the many options available.

A few of those options include evaluating the costs and benefits of staying in our current location as renters, whether to rehab an existing building, or to build a new space. Anyone who has had to make these decisions knows that each comes with its benefits and hardships.

We have identified these as our primary considerations as we look for our next home

  • First and foremost, the functionality of the space to serve the work of the Foundation
  • Accessibility for our visitors
  • Safety for our associates and visitors
  • Costs of occupancy, including the long-term costs of maintaining a facility
  • A location/design that supports health
  • Connection to the community
  • Enough parking to accommodate community access to our meetings
  • And finally, the financial and human trade-offs for each of these considerations

As you might imagine, with a group of stakeholders as diverse as we have, there are many opinions. At the core of all of them, people want the best for the foundation and the good people who work here.

With this in mind, we look to our community partners to help us understand what would you like to see in Health Forward’s permanent location. Please consider taking a few minutes to answer this brief survey. We value your input and will use your responses as additional guidance in our decision.

We appreciate your time and thoughtfulness as we continue our journey to find the future home of Health Forward.

Editor’s note: this survey is now closed. Thank you for your responses.

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