Smoke-Free Kansas City

As a grantmaking organization, we provide financial support to agencies and organizations who are doing tremendous work in our communities. These organizations are working to improve health care access, campaigning for better, safer streets, raising awareness on health-related issues. They host free dental clinics, offer free counseling, work with children in after-school programs.

The list of achievements are endless. And we are so proud of the work our grantees are doing to improve life for you, your family, your friends and your neighbors.

We began producing a series of videos to highlight this good work. We call it our Grantee Spotlight. Perhaps you’ve seen some of them, perhaps you haven’t. Here’s our most recent video about how Partners in Public Health/Clean Air Kansas City is working to create smoke-free workplaces and public spaces for metro Kansas City.

Take a moment to visit our YouTube page to catch all our Grantee Spotlight videos.


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