Separation of Church and Discrimination

It has always amazed me that people of faith sometimes use their religion to explain why they can discriminate against others, kill others, and exclude others. Religion is now being used by some to determine who you can vote for and some religions define specific issues that determine whether you can continue to practice as an active member of a faith community.

In my opinion, faith and religion should be something that causes inclusion not exclusion. We will never all agree with each other but we surely should be open and respectful to the opinions of others.

Faith is a journey … always seeking more clarification and understanding of issues. Faith requires a strong conscious and a relentless zest for dealing with the unknown. Faith is both personal and community orientated. Since we do not live in silos, we can choose to practice our faith in an open environment.

In the next few days, Missouri will soon be executing a prisoner. Gays are openly being discriminated against and bullied on college campuses and in the general public. People with mental illness in Kansas are prohibited by the state constitution from voting. Undocumented persons living in the United States are not allowed to be enrolled in the Medicaid program in order to receive health care. More Americans are living in poverty than ever before, especially children. These actions are all caused by man made laws/rules/practices. In my own personal opinion, they can and should be changed but I wonder if these current actions are properly justified by a religious belief.

Social Factors

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