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Kaiser Family Foundation ACA Eligibility Analysis: Technical Appendix A: Household Construction

Kaiser Family Foundation ACA Eligibility Analysis, Technical Appendix A: Household Construction
April 7, 2015
Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

In this analysis, income eligibility for both Medicaid and Marketplace subsidies is assessed by grouping people into “health insurance units” (HIUs) and calculating HIU income according to Medicaid and Marketplace program rules. HIUs group people according to how they are counted for eligibility for health insurance, versus grouping people according to who they live with (e.g., “households”) or are related to (e.g., “families”). HIU construction is an important step in assessing income as a share of the federal poverty line (FPL) because it impacts whose income is counted (and thus the total income for the unit) and how many people share that income (and thus the corresponding FPL to use for comparison, since FPL varies by family size). Our HIUs are designed to match ACA eligibility rules for both Medicaid and Marketplaces. Below we describe how we construct HIUs for this analysis. The programming code, written using the statistical computing package R v.3.1.1, is available upon request for people interested in replicating this approach for their own analysis.

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