Remembering Aylene Roling

My mom died on January 30, 2012. For her last three weeks of life, I spent most of my time with her. It was both a wonderful experience and one that was also very painful. Although in some pain and unable to get out of bed, my mother was the same independent and strong willed person I had known my entire life.

About four days before my mom died she announced that she “wanted to look good today”. So she picked out her favorite outfit and the nurses at the assisted living facility helped her get dressed. She insisted that she have makeup, lip stick and lots of perfume. Her hair looked great and for about 45 minutes she was able to enjoy the compliments of all who saw her in her room. Then she had to rest and pretty much was unable to communicate for the rest of the day.

On another day she asked me to get some pictures of friends and family and put them in her bed. She was having a very hard time talking but in her own way she held up each picture and was talking to the pictures. She held her picture of her great granddaughter Isabelle for an extended time and really took time to share with Isabelle how much she loved her. She kissed the picture many times. She also spent time talking to my daughters pictures who came to see her regularly.

Being surrounded by family was a wonderful way for my mom to feel at peace. Thanks to all who have sent cards, e-mails, flowers and memorial contributions in behalf of my mom. She was a wonderful person who I was so privileged to call MOM!


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