Reform Reality – Who Really Wins with a Yes Vote to Proposition C?

Proposition C is on the Missouri Ballot on August 3. Most legal scholars, political pundits and even proponents agree that the vote on this referendum is mostly symbolic. Even if the bill passes with a majority of YES votes, it is anticipated that the courts will rule that state law cannot precede federal law. The only winner that will likely benefit from a YES vote are the attorneys who will be involved in the legal battle that will surely take place at the expense of Missouri taxpayers.

A No vote is also symbolic. In addition to saving Missouri taxpayers the cost of a legal battle, it will force Missouri to focus its efforts on how we can effectively and efficiently implement the new federal health reform bill.

As I follow the discussions from the proponents and opponents of Proposition C in Missouri , what I’m struck by is the confusion that still exists about what is included in the health reform bill and how it will impact our community.

Yesterday the Washington Post unveiled a new poll which shows opposition of the health care overhaul is declining. Polling from the Kaiser Family Foundation states that 50% of Americans now favor the health care reform bill. This is the highest approval level for the legislation since it was enacted in March. After a divisive, year-long debate, there remains much confusion about the actual contents of the bill. Clearly, this poll shows that as more people are educated on the components of the bill, the more support the legislation is garnering.

That is why beginning on August 2, the Health Care Foundation has implemented a new web site The website is designed to provide those in our community with access to basic information about what is in the new legislation.

Make no mistake—this bill is not perfect and changes will need to be made along the way. However this legislation will provide a strong foundation to allow us to responsibly manage a health care system that will benefit the entire community.

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