Recognizing Three Outstanding Leaders

In February, Health Forward will be losing three long time board members because of term limits: Mamie Hughes, Judge William Mauer and Rev. Fuzzy Thompson. These three individuals have played a significant role in shaping this foundation and making sure that we stay close to the people we serve. Health Forward will be eternally grateful for their leadership and compassion.

Every morning when I come to work on Hwy 71 I pass under the Mamie Hughes Bridge,which was dedicated to her for her tireless work in getting that road built. Mamie and her former husband Dr. Sam Rodgers have been long time leaders in this community in advocating for quality health care for the underserved. Mamie has received numerous awards for her work in civil rights, race relations, community development and civic engagement. She is a valued friend to many in this community and everyone will tell you that Mamie is “the most gracious person they have ever met”.

Judge Mauer is retired from the court but his interest and passion for serving the poor and underserved has never been stronger. Every board needs someone like Judge Mauer to ask the difficult questions that others were to afraid to ask. Maybe that quality comes from being a Judge for many years or maybe that is just his nature. The Judge knows this community and its leaders and he is not afraid to speak out on important and sometimes difficult issues. The Judge is a master in demonstrating the art being able to disagree without being disagreeable. He is always looking to make things fair and equitable.

Rev. Fuzzy Thompson has also recently retired from his church but even with his recent illness he has stayed active in a host of activities…especially in organizing the annual week of celebration to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Kansas City. Rev Fuzzy is an activist who cares deeply about people who are uninsured, homeless and lacking hope. You spend time with Rev. Fuzzy and he will lift your spirits, put you in contact with agencies that can help you and become your friend for life. He is a man who practices what he preaches. He is a role model and inspiration to many in our community.

Health Forward will miss these three outstanding community leaders … Thanks to Mamie, Judge Mauer and Rev. Fuzzy for your service to our community.


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