Raising healthier kids

We know how important early years are for getting children off to a healthy start. These years set the stage for healthy habits to last throughout one’s life.

Raising healthy children sounds pretty simple: brushing teeth, developing healthy relationships, practicing good nutrition and encouraging 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Instilling these life-long habits protect kids from obesity, diabetes, and a host of chronic diseases later in life.

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These days though, parents have to compete against any number of unhealthy temptations. We know that the environments in which children live play a huge role in supporting unhealthy habits. Over the past decade, we’ve seen dental care become a prevalent unmet health need in children; we’ve seen rising rates of obesity and we’ve seen more children than ever in need of mental health services.

Health Forward has been proud to support initiatives the past decade to make the healthy choice, the easy choice for kids and families, especially those with lower incomes.

Organizations throughout our service area have worked to both educate about and increase access to healthy foods. They have worked with schools and communities to make exercise and fitness a habit that children will have for decades to come.

They’ve taught our children and parents that a healthy mouth and teeth are an important part of a child’s wellness, and that in raising healthy children, it’s not enough to just focus on the physical aspect of health. To be truly healthy, a child’s emotional health must be nurtured and strengthened.

The key to ensuring kids grow into healthy adults is to start young. By teaching good eating and exercise habits, and treating mental health problems early, we’re giving kids the knowledge, support and foundation to build a healthy lifestyle. It’s a commitment to their future, and we’re proud to back our children all the way.

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