Program teaches kids of all ages about bike safety

FreeWheels 4 Kids is a bike safety program based in Kansas City, Kansas, under the umbrella of Central Avenue Betterment Association. We reach youth through our three core programs, Let’s Get Rolling, Earn-A-Bike, and Bike Clubs.

Let’s Get Rolling is a program designed to teach safe riding skills for elementary school students by transforming their P.E. class into a traffic safety course where they receive on-bike instruction.

In Earn-A-Bike, middle school students learn the basics of bike repair by fixing up two donated bicycles, one for a younger child and one for themselves.

Bike Clubs are groups of high school kids who ride together after school and on weekends to explore their community, get physically fit, and become exposed to public service by working on self-directed projects, like trail building, park clean-ups, political advocacy, and much more.

Students who have participated in our programs enjoy the physical aspect of being able to use their bodies outside on their bikes. Students enjoy learning about bicycles so much that they almost always request more information on FreeWheel 4 Kids programs and how they will be able to participate with us in the future.

We are excited to see positive impacts on youth knowledge of cycling and safety and hope to track the long-term increase in numbers of youth and school staff who ride their bikes to school.

If you are interested in FW4K or would like to donate a bicycle or cycling-related items, you can find us online, email us at, call us at 913-281-9222, or visit our office at 1621 Central Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66102.

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