Take action against food insecurity

Food insecurity is silent and stigmatizing. It causes health problems. It weakens our city’s families, businesses and students. And it’s all around us every day in Kansas City.

Food insecurity is the child whose only meal of the day is the subsidized lunch she eats at school. Or the working mom who skips meals so her children can eat. It’s the migrant families who work back- breaking hours to put food on the table for others, but have little to live on themselves.

People in Kansas City who are food insecure rely on federally funded government programs and other local Kansas City services to feed their families. But these programs are constantly threatened by budget cuts and new legislation.

But you can do something about it.

Please help protect these programs — and use your voice to speak up about food insecurity — with the Health Forward Foundation.

Ways you can help:

  • Sign the pledge today.
  • Ask your friends to take action and sign the pledge.
  • Share the food insecurity calculator with your network. It demonstrates the cost your business or community incurs from food insecurity.
  • Repost the tweets and Facebook posts shared by Health Forward. Use the 
hashtags #FoodInsecurity and #KC.
  • Contact your elected officials to let them know this issue is important to you — and that you are an active voter!
Support food repurposing and donation programs that help people in need.

Take Action Pledge

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I understand the negative impact food insecurity has on the people and families of Kansas City.

When our families, students, and hardworking wage earners are hampered by worrying where their next meal will come from, it holds us all back.

I pledge to do my part and take action against food insecurity — to help raise awareness and help find solutions to the problem.

Specifically, I commit to:

  • Supporting food repurposing and donation programs that help families and individuals in need
  • Contacting my elected officials to voice my concerns
  • Sharing information about the issue on my social networks

By signing today, I’m showing my support to raise awareness of food insecurity and to do something about it.

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