When people find their own strength, their community also prospers

RS Café is a welcoming place where community members can meet with staff not only to chat but also to have their needs assessed, schedule appointments, and find immediate assistance.

Volunteers at the cafe are an integral part of helping keep the RS Cafe running smoothly.

“Imagine what it might feel like to have nothing but what you stand up in. You don’t even have enough money to buy yourself a bar of soap.”

This plea for compassion comes from a woman named Nora. She knows what it’s like to be without the basics that make a life of dignity possible. Today, thanks to her determination and Reconciliation (RS) Services, Nora has those needs met.

At RS, men and women find ways to overcome abuse, addiction and other problems that have held them back. They often begin their journey with a visit to the RS Café, a welcoming place where they can meet with staff not only to chat but also to have their needs assessed, schedule appointments, and find immediate assistance.

But RS is about more than offering emergency assistance and helping people become self-sufficient. Founded more than 30 years ago, RS has put down deep roots along the Troost Ave. corridor in Kansas City, Missouri. Its long-term goal is a city, long divided by Troost, “reconciled, thriving and vibrant, inspiring a nation to reconciliation.”

To fulfill this vision, RS has launched a program of economic community building. It includes Resolve KC, a social venture employment program that partnered with HSG and helped employ 300 people last year, most of them from the urban core. This kind of social venturing promotes self-sufficiency among RS clients and others within the Troost community and adds to the entire city’s vitality.

RS needs community champions willing to donate, volunteer, provide gifts-in-kind or other support. Visit their website at www.RS3101.org, or call 816.931.4751, Ext. 204, with questions, or to schedule a tour.

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