Paying More Attention to Main Street

A few weeks ago my mother shared with me a letter she has saved for over 85 years. It is a letter her mother received from a small bank in Fulton, MO telling them that the bank had failed and their family had lost all of their savings. My mom can remember her mother crying when she received the letter and wondering how she was going to financially survive as a single mom with three kids.

Every day it seems we hear more bad economic news. You know we have become numb to the situation when we believe a good day is when the market only decreased by less than 100 points. While many of us with jobs, retirement savings and health insurance are being deeply affected by this current economic situation, think about those people without jobs, or savings or health insurance. These folks and their families are reluctantly turning to nonprofit agencies to provide food and other living essentials to make ends meet. I am told that area food banks, health related agencies and other social service organizations are seeing record spikes in people asking for services.

For those of us who still have jobs and health insurance, it is time for us to step up our personal contributions to nonprofit agencies that provide services to the needy. It is time for our elected leaders to start paying more attention to the needs of folks who live on Main Street and put an end to the greed that has permeated Wall Street for too many years.


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