Patients Have a Voice at Partnership for Patients Summit

People often ask me how I began to speak out as a patient. They know I was inspired by the death of my husband, Fred, and our search for data access. But the question is less about an inspirational origin and more about the pragmatic ways in which we get a chance to speak. I was blessed to live in Washington DC where there are many opportunities to speak. So for a year I attended meetings and spoke on panels.

Then almost one year after my husband’s death, I was asked to fly to Kansas City and speak before Cerner. That was my first national speech.

Here it is two years later and we are preparing to hold a Partnership with Patients Summit in Kansas City with Cerner as our gracious facility host. This is a patient-designed conference with partners and sponsors working together with patients to help all of us.

We hope to inspire all who attend to realize that they can make a difference as one working with many. The summit has two goals: we will work on grass roots strategy for the Partnership for Patients campaign from CMS and we work on enabling patients and partners to create a strong network that will allow them to advocate for national health policies.

There is still time to register for the Partnership with Patients Summit, which will begin at 6 p.m. Sept. 21 and end on Sunday, Sept. 23. Please visit this page to register.

The Summit will focus on education, networking and partnership—of patients, providers, vendors and explains the relationship between government policy and patient advocacy. Conference attendees will suggest ways to promote patient participation, learn about the effect of change and growth in the tech sector on patient advocacy, and use social media to further the voice of the patient in national health policy. We hope you can attend.

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