Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times

Recently I’ve noticed a trend that has left me hopeful that Americans, especially the younger generations, are becoming more involved in their communities and in the political process.

I’ve been to numerous events in the past few weeks where I’ve witnessed ordinary people of all ages devoting themselves to causes much larger than themselves. At the church I attend a fellow parishioner and many of his friends walked for 24 hours to raise money for an orphanage of disabled children in Guatemala. Thousands of ordinary citizens have worked tirelessly to pass city ordinances in cities across this region to promote clean indoor air and to prohibit smoking in bars and restaurants. A few weeks ago I attended a large event to raise awareness about the injustice of capital punishment. Last week advocates and concerned citizens rallied to raise awareness about the need for more services to support poor and low income children. It is heartwarming to learn that voter registration for the upcoming election is at an all time high.

As I attend these events, I notice that young people under the age of 35 make up a very large segment of the crowd. This fills me with joy and I encourage young people to get more involved in the political and public policy process so the rest of us can benefit from your wisdom and energy. Our country and our world need your leadership now more than ever!


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