Missouri voters expand Medicaid

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Statement from Health Forward President/CEO Qiana Thomason

We did it.

Health Forward has long recognized that a lack of insurance is a critical barrier to health. As such, we’ve been proud to lead efforts to place the decision to expand Medicaid before Missouri voters.

Yesterday’s historic victory for Amendment 2 highlights that when it comes to providing health care access to our neighbors and shoring up our ailing economy, Medicaid expansion uniquely unites Missourians.

The Healthcare for Missouri coalition demonstrates that when Missourians work for a common goal, we can make real and lasting change to improve the lives of those most in need.

To the Yes On 2 campaign and our partners who worked diligently to collect signatures and get out the vote, thank you for your tireless dedication. Today we celebrate. But we aren’t done. Now our focus shifts to those who will be newly eligible. In the weeks and months ahead, we will continue our efforts to ensure Medicaid expansion is fully and expeditiously implemented. We look forward to partnering with state officials and MO HealthNet to ensure the program works for everyone.

Expanding Medicaid in Missouri is a vital step forward in our ongoing effort to eliminate disparities in health care access, advance health and race equity, and a critical next step on the road to economic recovery.

With the wind at our backs, together, we’ll keep pushing to move health forward.

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